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ITEM #            ITEM

    1      Pearl Necklace

    2     Americana Tennessee Tin

    3     Gun 

    4     Family Range Membership

    5*    BBQ Basket of Gift Cards

    6     Wyatt Johnson Gift Cards Oil

           Change and Tire Rotation

     7    Congressional Silver Platter

     8    MK Purse 

     9    Coach Purse

    10*  Trump Golf Basket

    11    Americana Wreath

ITEM #            ITEM

   12      American Chess Set

   13      Bella V Basket

   14      No Item 

   15      Car Wash for 1 year

   16      Gift Certificate ($100)

             and Coin ($25)

   17*    Bourbon Basket

   18      American Flag and Cert

   19      Alabama Sign, Roll Tide 

   20      Nightstalker Metal Sign

   21      Land of the Free Wooden Picture

   22     Wooden Retired Flag 

ITEM #            ITEM

   23     Wooden Pledge of Allegiance

   24     Basket of Pumpkin Pecan Butter

             and Hemp Pain Crème

   25     Yellow Spring Wreath

   26     Pearl Bracelet

   27     Urban Roots

   28    Weather Station with Anglin

            Concrete Shirts

   29*   Trump Basket

   30    Coffee Mug and Books

   31     Framed Elephant Photo

   32    Cardboard Trump Stand Up

   33    Tool Box with Hardware City

            $15.00 Gift Card

   34     Gift Card Tree On Patriotic Stand

   35     Gift Cards Tree on Patriotic Stand

LRDD 1.jpg

Pearl Necklace. Donated by James Peach. Value $1,500.


LRDD 3.jpg

Gun.  Donated by:

Doug and Tina Englen.  Value: $1,500

Item #3

LRDD 5.jpg

BBQ Basket of Gift Cards.  Donated by:

Mission BBQ.  Value:  $500

Item #5

LRDD 7.jpg

Congressional Silver Platter.  Donated by:

Mark and Cami Green.  Value: $50

Item #7

LRDD 9.jpg

Coach Purse. Donated by Joni Hargrove. Value $150.

Item #9

LRDD 11.jpg

Americana Wreath.  Donated by: Jason and Maribeth Knight. Value: $50

Item #11

LRDD 13x.jpg

Bella V Basket. Donated by Bella V Owners. Value $225.

Item #13

LRDD 15x.jpg

Car Wash for 1 Year. Donated by Jeff Burkhart. Value $500.

Item #15

LRDD 17.jpg

Bourbon Basket.  Donated by Doug & Tina Englen. Value $200.

Item #17

LRDD 19.jpg

Alabama Sign, Roll Tide .  Donated by:

MI Engraving.  Value:  $30

Item #19

LRDD 21.jpg

Land of the Free Wooden Picture.   Donated by: CMI Engraving.  Value:  $30

Item #21

LRDD 23.jpg

Wooden Pledge of Allegiance.  Donated by: MI Engraving.  Value:  $40

Item #23

LRDD 25.jpg

Yellow Spring Wreath.  Donated by:

Corinthia Elder.  Value:  $50

Item #25

LRDD 27x.jpg

Urban Roots.  Donated by: Norma Crowe.  Value:  $200

Item #27

LRDD 29.jpg

Trump Basket.  Donated by: Melissa Tracey.  Value:  $100

Item #29

LRDD 31.jpg

Framed Elephant Photo.  Donated by:

Larry Richardson.  Value:  $150

Item #31

LRDD 33.jpg

Tool Box with Hardware City $15.00 Gift Card.  Donated by: Lowes and Hardware City.  Value:  $50

Item #33

LRdd 35x.jpg

Gift Card Tree On Patriotic Stand Donated by Bill Powers Value $145.00

Item #35

LRDD 2.jpg

Americana Tennessee Tin. Donated by Jay & Vickie Reedy. Value $300.

Item #2

LRDD 4.jpg

Family Range Membership.  Donated by:

Clarksville Gun and Archery.  Value:  $350

Item #4

LRDD 6.jpg

Wyatt Johnson Gift Cards Oil Change and Tire Rotation.  Donated by: Bill Powers. Value: $150

Item #6

LRDD 8.jpg

MK Purse.  Donated by Joni Hargrove. Value $200.

Item #8

LRDD 10.jpg

Trump Golf Basket.  Donated by Dennis & Cathy Kolb. Value $300

Item #10

LRDD 12.jpg

American Chess Set. Donated by Sharon Grimes.  Value $200

Item #12


No Item

Item #14

LRDD 16.jpg

Gift Certificate ($100) and Coin ($25). Donated by Golden Eagle. Value $125.

Item #16

LRDD 18.jpg

American Flag and Certificate.  Donated by Doug & Tina Englen. Value $100.

Item #18

LRDD 20.jpg

Nightstalker Metal Sign.  Donated by:

MI Engraving.  Value:  $50

Item #20

LRDD 22.jpg

Wooden Retired Flag .  Donated by:

MI Engraving.  Value:  $60

Item #22

LRDD 24.jpg

Basket of Pumpkin Pecan Butter and Hemp Pain Crème.  Donated by:

Unknown.  Value:  $40

Item #24

LRDD 26.jpg

Pearl Bracelet.  Donated by: James Peach.  Value:  $50

Item #26

LRDD 28x.jpg

Weather Station with Anglin Concrete Shirts.  Donated by: Jonathan Anglin.  Value:  $125

Item #28

LRDD 30.jpg

Coffee Mug and Books.  Donated by:

Ron Smithfield.  Value:  $50

Item #30

LRDD 32.jpg

Cardboard Trump Stand Up.  Donated by:

Teresa Tuttle.  Value:  $75.

Item #32

LRDD 34x.jpg

Gift Card Tree On Patriotic Stand Donated by Bill Powers Value $160.00

Item #34


Basket #5

*6 bottled sodas

*6 filler up sauce bottles 

*2 Mission BBQ water bottles 

*1 BBQ utensil set 

*Gift certificate for a back-yard BBQ Bash for 20 including staff and an appearance with BAMBAM. 


Basket #10

*Trump Golf Fairway Head Cover

*Trump Golf Driver Head Cove

*1 Extra Large Sleeve Trump Pullover (red) with Trump Emblem

*Trump Hat 


Basket #17

*Cheese Board

*TN Tea Towel

*2 x Bourbon Glasses with area code 931 

*Rowans Creek KY Bourbon Whiskey

*1972 KY Bourbon

*Jack Daniels Single Barrel Whiskey


Basket #29

*Book:  God, Trump, and the 2020 Election: Why He Must Win and What's at Stake for Christians if He Loses by Stephen E. Strang

*Key-Chain:  Republican and Proud

*Trump 2020 Stainless Steel Mug with Lid

*Trump lapel election pins (3)

*Trump Bottle Opener

*Trump Gold Coin

*Keep America Great, 2020 Trump Ink Pen in a gift box

(Patriotic Note Cards)

*Women for Trump Hat, White

*Dammit Doll - Vote ELE - Red, White & Blue - Stress Relief



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