Silent Auction Items

This is the current list more will be added


Pearl Necklace. Donated by James Peach. Value $1,500.

LRDD 1.jpg

Item #3

Gun.  Donated by:

Doug and Tina Englen.  Value: $1,500

LRDD 3.jpg

Item #5

BBQ Basket of Gift Cards.  Donated by:

Mission BBQ.  Value:  $500

LRDD 5.jpg

Item #7

Congressional Silver Platter.  Donated by:

Mark and Cami Green.  Value: $50

LRDD 7.jpg

Item #9

Coach Purse. Donated by Joni Hargrove. Value $150.

LRDD 9.jpg

Item #11

Americana Wreath.  Donated by: Jason and Maribeth Knight. Value: $50

LRDD 11.jpg

Item #13

Bella V Basket. Donated by Bella V Owners. Value $225.

LRDD 13x.jpg

Item #15

Car Wash for 1 Year. Donated by Jeff Burkhart. Value $500.

LRDD 15x.jpg

Item #17

Bourbon Basket.  Donated by Doug & Tina Englen. Value $200.

LRDD 17.jpg

Item #19

Alabama Sign, Roll Tide .  Donated by:

MI Engraving.  Value:  $30

LRDD 19.jpg

Item #21

Land of the Free Wooden Picture.   Donated by: CMI Engraving.  Value:  $30

LRDD 21.jpg

Item #23

Wooden Pledge of Allegiance.  Donated by: MI Engraving.  Value:  $40

LRDD 23.jpg

Item #25

Yellow Spring Wreath.  Donated by:

Corinthia Elder.  Value:  $50

LRDD 25.jpg

Item #27

Urban Roots.  Donated by: Norma Crowe.  Value:  $200

LRDD 27x.jpg

Item #29

Trump Basket.  Donated by: Melissa Tracey.  Value:  $100

LRDD 29.jpg

Item #31

Framed Elephant Photo.  Donated by:

Larry Richardson.  Value:  $150

LRDD 31.jpg

Item #33

Tool Box with Hardware City $15.00 Gift Card.  Donated by: Lowes and Hardware City.  Value:  $50

LRDD 33.jpg

Item #35

Gift Card Tree On Patriotic Stand Donated by Bill Powers Value $145.00

LRdd 35x.jpg

Item #2

Americana Tennessee Tin. Donated by Jay & Vickie Reedy. Value $300.

LRDD 2.jpg

Item #4

Family Range Membership.  Donated by:

Clarksville Gun and Archery.  Value:  $350

LRDD 4.jpg

Item #6

Wyatt Johnson Gift Cards Oil Change and Tire Rotation.  Donated by: Bill Powers. Value: $150

LRDD 6.jpg

Item #8

MK Purse.  Donated by Joni Hargrove. Value $200.

LRDD 8.jpg

Item #10

Trump Golf Basket.  Donated by Dennis & Cathy Kolb. Value $300

LRDD 10.jpg

Item #12

American Chess Set. Donated by Sharon Grimes.  Value $200

LRDD 12.jpg

Item #14

No Item


Item #16

Gift Certificate ($100) and Coin ($25). Donated by Golden Eagle. Value $125.

LRDD 16.jpg

Item #18

American Flag and Certificate.  Donated by Doug & Tina Englen. Value $100.

LRDD 18.jpg

Item #20

Nightstalker Metal Sign.  Donated by:

MI Engraving.  Value:  $50

LRDD 20.jpg

Item #22

Wooden Retired Flag .  Donated by:

MI Engraving.  Value:  $60

LRDD 22.jpg

Item #24

Basket of Pumpkin Pecan Butter and Hemp Pain Crème.  Donated by:

Unknown.  Value:  $40

LRDD 24.jpg

Item #26

Pearl Bracelet.  Donated by: James Peach.  Value:  $50

LRDD 26.jpg

Item #28

Weather Station with Anglin Concrete Shirts.  Donated by: Jonathan Anglin.  Value:  $125

LRDD 28x.jpg

Item #30

Coffee Mug and Books.  Donated by:

Ron Smithfield.  Value:  $50

LRDD 30.jpg

Item #32

Cardboard Trump Stand Up.  Donated by:

Teresa Tuttle.  Value:  $75.

LRDD 32.jpg

Item #34

Gift Card Tree On Patriotic Stand Donated by Bill Powers Value $160.00

LRDD 34x.jpg

Basket #5

*6 bottled sodas

*6 filler up sauce bottles 

*2 Mission BBQ water bottles 

*1 BBQ utensil set 

*Gift certificate for a back-yard BBQ Bash for 20 including staff and an appearance with BAMBAM. 


Basket #10

*Trump Golf Fairway Head Cover

*Trump Golf Driver Head Cove

*1 Extra Large Sleeve Trump Pullover (red) with Trump Emblem

*Trump Hat 


Basket #17

*Cheese Board

*TN Tea Towel

*2 x Bourbon Glasses with area code 931 

*Rowans Creek KY Bourbon Whiskey

*1972 KY Bourbon

*Jack Daniels Single Barrel Whiskey


Basket #29

*Book:  God, Trump, and the 2020 Election: Why He Must Win and What's at Stake for Christians if He Loses by Stephen E. Strang

*Key-Chain:  Republican and Proud

*Trump 2020 Stainless Steel Mug with Lid

*Trump lapel election pins (3)

*Trump Bottle Opener

*Trump Gold Coin

*Keep America Great, 2020 Trump Ink Pen in a gift box

(Patriotic Note Cards)

*Women for Trump Hat, White

*Dammit Doll - Vote ELE - Red, White & Blue - Stress Relief