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Syndi, Willi, Nancy, Kyong, Cheryl, Teresa

Officers 2020-2021


The Montgomery County Republican Women's Club (MCRW), established in 1977-1978 is a member of the Tennessee Federation and the National Federation of Republican Women. 

Objectives are to

  • promote political education and activity,

  • increase effectiveness of women in good government

  • foster loyalty to the Tennessee and National Republican parties

  • work for the elections of Republican candidates.


President:   Cornitha Elder

Would you like to become a member of The Montgomery County Republican Women's Club?


Our group of ladies believe in what the Republican Party Stands for.  We are 90+ Members Strong and would love to have you join us.  We usually meet on the first Tuesday of the month at the Tanglewood House.  The price of our luncheon is $20 and the luncheon does require a reservation.   Contact Joan Niles at or (616) 450-2800.   We can now accept your lunch payment by credit/debit card.

If you would like to join our club, membership is $25 each year. For more details about membership please contact:  Opal Kennedy, 1st VP, Membership (931) 552-6359.  We can now accept your membership by credit/debit card.

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